Abiding by the operational conviction of “Professional Attitude. Superb Quality. Guaranteed Price”, our ultimate goal is to create more added value to achieve customer satisfaction. Since the incorporation, ASIANTECH optical plant was operated by focusing on the design, manufacturing, fabrication as well as research and development of optical lenses. In addition to the monitoring camera equipment, our products are also applicable to CCD and CMOS systems to satisfy various demands of all our customers.

To meet the quality requirements for a variety of applications, we have been engaging in continuous research, purchasing sophisticated machinery and recruiting professional technical talent. From optical design to mass production, the entire manufacturing process is carried out under strict monitoring and we also render customized project and product combinations. In this way, we may meet customer requirements and standards.

Driven by the conviction of offering fair price and stabilized quality, ASIANTECH has erected factories in Taiwan and Sengzhen respectively. In addition, we also stretched our production line to the field of national security, disaster prevention monitoring, industrial and consuming lenses in the hope of accumulating deeper professional skills and experience in the process of rendering our services in relevant realms. With a higher level of technological products, it is also our vision to create a solid base in the international optical industry.

  • Mega Pixel Lenses
  • Vari-Focal Lenses
  • Board Lenses
  • Motorized Zoom Lenses
  • Infred Lenses
  • Fixed-Focal Lenses
  • Fixed Iris Lenses
  • CMOS Lenses
  • Car Lenses
  • Drone Lenses
  • Robot Eye Lenses

By now, ASIANTECH has provided a variety of diversified CCD and CMOS lenses and our production supply has increased according to the demands of customers all over the world, so that we now are able to provide more diversified and comprehensive product lines. As such, we are looking forward to continual innovation and growth in order to join the world and create a solid base in the international market.

Address: 3F.-1, No.35, Gangu St., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 02 2556 3200 / FAX: 02 2556 3207 / service@asiantech.net